Glasses June 14, 2016

imageMy eyes have really been bothering me. What started as “tired eyes” a couple months ago after being on the iPad way too much, turned into something quite different three weeks ago: actual blurriness. The first week of blurriness was only when looking at things near my eyes: a prescription bottle, small print, my iPad. In the second week of blurriness, I noticed things were blurry even when I looked away from what I was reading. I made an appointment for an eye exam, which will happen next week. I have “borrowed” a pair of dime store readers from my dear husband, and have been trying to use them when reading, and they seem to help. I am shocked at how much clearer things are- this must have been an unnoticed issue for some time.

I remember my grandmother often looked over her glasses at me while she was reading. She did this often, because she read often, and no doubt I played a role in distracting her from her book, probably with a million questions. Often. When I was 8 or 9 years old, I flew to Greenbay on my own and stayed with Grandma and Marion on Washington Island.

On arrival, Grandma told me that 4 o’clock was happy hour, and apparently we would be observing this every day. I asked what happy hour was, and she told me it was just a time of day to have your favorite drink, talk, laugh or just be quiet and happy. She asked my what my favorite drink was. Root beer floats, of course. I couldn’t believe that this seemed to be leading to having a root beer float every day. Sure enough, we drove to the little store on Washington Island. Grandma and Marion bought the biggest tub of vanilla ice cream I hade ever seen (a four litre pail) and a flat of little root beer bottles. My eyes must have nearly popped out of my head.

I cannot for the life of me remember what Grandma and Marian’s favorite drink was, but I do remember thinking they were crazy for choosing some disgusting “liquor drink” over root beer floats.

Every day at 4 o’clock, we’d make our drinks. Grandma and Marion would sit in two big comfy recliners next to each other in the living room, and I sat on the floor in front of them. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I do remember it was fun, and I felt loved, and privileged: just me and two little old ladies enjoying each other’s company.


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  1. Some great memories! I was shocked too by the improvement in my sight from new reading and distance glasses. I had a pair of “off the shelf” reading glasses before my exam that I bought at a big box warehouse store, but never really got used to them, and stopped using them. When my ratings magazine surprisingly listed that same store as number one for quality eye exams and lowest pricing for the exam and glasses, I scheduled an exam and got both reading and distance glasses. I’m still using both and feel really uncomfortable without them. It’s time for another checkup. You look good in your new glasses!

    We’ve thought often of traveling to Washington Island, WI, again, riding the ferry over to the Island, staying at one of the Inns, fishing, boating, lunches in the parks, attending a fish boil dinner community event, and renting mopeds to ride around the Island, like we did in April many years ago. On mopeds, we saw in slow motion the lake, parks, docks, homes and farms, stopped where we wanted, total freedom of travel. The benefit of April is that you see the Island just after the vibrant green tree leaves of Spring have arrived (so refresh, inspiring a feeling of renewal), temperatures moderate, little humidity, few mosquitos (the state bird, you know, ha). What a beautiful state Wisconsin is!


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